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How to make a bachelor / bachelorette party successful

How to make a bachelor/bachelorette party successful

Everyone loves to attend a stage, but very few appreciate the work and planning that makes this event successful. 

 There comes a certain set of responsibilities, and all of a sudden; you start to worry about things such as: 

  • Whom to invite
  • To plan out all the activities and events 
  • How much amount to spend? 
  • Making sure that the bridesmaid takes all the responsibilities sincerely and doesn't go off the rails

This article focuses on helping out stag/stagette in the planning process and making the night memorable without any stress. 

Here are few tips that will surely help in making the best day of your best friend memorable.  

Early planning: 

You can surely throw a night out at one notice, but a bachelor and bachelorette party isn't the same. A bachelorette is a get-together, and getting back all the grown-ups having their individual lives and plans is not an easy task. Therefore pre-planning is requisite to make fall things in a proper place. Your planning should commence at least three to four months ago to avoid any confusion. However, if there is a busy time, make sure to plan it out four to five months ago so that you do not face any difficulties in making reservations. 

Take the opinion of the bride and the groom: 

Yes, in earlier days, a stag and stagette was always a surprise, but it does not mean you can't ask the bride and groom regarding their choice and desires. This step will ensure that you tailor your best friend's day according to his/her requirements and desires. So while planning, first ask your friend normally that he/she doesn't doubt you and everything falls in place according to your friend's preference and likings. Ask the bride and groom the following questions to have clarity before planning, making the bachelor/bachelorette party successful. 

  • Whom and whom not invite
  • Who all might be uncomfortable with drinks and other things at the party
  • Which activities shall be of utmost priority and shall be carried definitely. 
  • What are the things that you definitely don't want at the party that could disturb your inner peace and patience? 
  • Activities that can prove to be troublesome for you. 

Prepare the guest list: 

This is the step where you will panic a little, and things will start to get a little tricky-deciding whom to invite and whom not to can prove to be a daunting task for you. Obviously, the list that the bride and groom provided to you, everyone shall be a member of bride's and groom's happiness. But as a planner of a bachelor/ bachelorette party, you have to think wisely and invite only limited guests as too many and too few could either be a headache for you or make the party too boring. 

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Suppose your friend desires to invite family members and other important people who are unknown to each other. It could really affect the comfort zone of the specific groups. 

The best part is not everyone on the list has to come: 

It can happen in two steps 

Split the guest and invite some of them in the day and some of them in the night. This has to be done by checking the specific groups and ensuring that everyone that comes in one group is comfortable with the other. 

Fix the date: 

The general principle to fix the date for the bachelor/bachelorette party is a week or a month before the wedding. But be ready as fixing a date can be a sort of headache for you. Everyone shall be going through trillions of things, and to fix a date where everyone will be free and ready to come is not easy. So to relieve you from tension and stress by attending several phone calls and receiving messages, it would be ideal to either create a group on WhatsApp and fix the date with mutual understanding. 

Fix party location and activities: 

Everything planned earlier was only the foundation now is the time for the real excitement to fix the location and activities that shall be carried on in the party. Pick the location and fix a spot that would wholly surprise the bride and groom. There should be at least one activity taking the bride and groom out of their comfort zone, thus creating thrill and excitement for everybody. 

So these were the few tips that could help you in making the stag/stagette a success. Add one more thing-confidence. Be confident in whatever you do and surprise your best friend.